Apart from the cleaning service included in your villa rent, we also dispose of our own, fully trained cleaning staff, which can be hired separately. This way, you don´t have to waste your time with housework and can enjoy your stay in Ibiza to the max.

Our staff have specialized in this work and are being continuously trained in order to render an excellent service up to the standards of the best hotel taking care of every detail. The products used are of highest quality and have been specifically chosen for being environmental-friendly.

If you wish to receive any extra cleaning service, don´t hesitate to ask at our Reception. We are pleased to send you a specialized cleaning team to your villa in order to perform these tasks for you. In case you wish to receive additional cleaning on a Saturday, it is recommendable to book this service in advance.


All villas in our catalogue are equipped with a washing maching and an ironing board. However, if you do not wish to dedicate your holiday time to wash and iron your clothes, we take care of it.

On your bed you will find a laundry bag for the clothes you wish to have laundered and / or ironed. Just ask at our Reception to have it picked up, and we will send someone to your villa.

Apart from clothes, which need special or dry cleaning, we will be able to return all clothes laundered and ironed to you within 24 hours. Together with your laundry bag you will also find a rate card listing the price for each item.


After having checked out of their private villa at 11 a.m. guests quite often find themselves with their return flight leaving not until later in the day.

At the same time it may well happen, that your flight arrives very early in the morning, and your villa isn´t ready until the afternoon.

The good news is that we are able to offer a service to store your luggage safely during changeover days. Your luggage is safe and under continuous vigilance, so you can enjoy another day at the beach without having to worry about your belongings.


Imagine arriving at your rental villa after a long trip and find yourself with the grocery shopping already done.

You don’t have to look for a supermarket any more, queue, bear with all the shopping bags to your car and from the car to your villa fridge.

It is that simple: just fill in our “full fridge” form that we will send you upon request, where you will find all groceries for your stay at very reasonable supermarket prices. You can add any product you are missing on the list and send us the form.

Our Customer Attention Department will then make sure that you will find all the requested products upon arrival at your chosen villa, and the fridge stocked with the already cooled down drinks.

You can arrange for this service during your stay, whenever you wish, and so fully dedicate your time to enjoy your holidays in our beautiful villas.